Tuesday, February 15, 2011

You cant get rich

You can't get rich keeping other people broke. Larry Winget....

Every body wants to get rich.Even the millionaire wants to sell me something for $49.95.
For Christ sake you are a millionaire, I am broke,there is no way I am going to give you any money.
This work from home or work at home crap that keeps popping up ...99% bogus.
Imagine someone sells you a business and the business is to sell or re-sell the same business you bought.
That is where you will make the money............so tell me, the business that you bought, can you make any money with it?
I guess not.
Check out every guru,millionaire marketeer or super affiliate they all have one thing in common.
An oversized sale pitch.....
They all want to take money from our pockets.......
Their should be some law against this practice of using fancy language and fine prints
to con people.
It is my view,we should all try to keep the internet free from this practice ....
So start small and grow big, there are places where you can earn $$ on the web

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